Founded 1994 and located in Hanover, Germany, BMS is a leading designer and manufacturer of highest quality transducers. BMS products are used by professional speaker and high-end companies globally.

The BMS advanced transducer technology offers significant advantage over conventional drivers in precision and reliability. We avoid the use of conventional technology like domes diaphragms which generate uncontrolled break-up modes with very audible sound coloration. Due to our unique patented compression driver design, the BMS drivers are extremely transparent and detailed providing outstanding dynamic capabilities.

Almost all parts of the drivers are produced in our own factories to ensure extensive control of results. Voice coil winding, diaphragm forming, CNC machining etc. are all made intern by highly qualified professionals.

Every single driver is systematically tested to strict standards to ensure reliability and consistency. The fact that our entire manufacturing process takes place in our own factories has produced a substantial reduction in cost and a high degree of flexibility and efficiency.

The product range is designed to offer superior sound quality able to satisfy even the most critical requirements.

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